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Content delivery network that speeds up your website’s performance to the next level. Swift and more responsive with the latest HTTP/2 technology and content caching.

Quick setups (as fast as few minutes), powered by H7 Connect.
Assess your web security vulnerability and know your site’s health before it’s too late. Get our white hat engineers’ consultation for the manual threat penetration (optional).

Invest in your web security, for its safer, insured future.
H7 Connect
Unbreakable Internet connectivity that runs on a secure, speedy network of full-fledged(100%) network redundancy and DDoS protection.

With hundreds of monitoring points across Asia (including the option to tune to China), and a reliable hardware redundancy, our Internet security is also forged with Hundreds-of-Gigabits DDoS Protection that blocks off multiple layers of attacks, which threaten your online business or services.

Powered by our end-to-end high uptime, proactive monitoring and network optimization, we will detect and dissect the potential problems before you even knew there’s a problem.
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Website acceleration solution aimed at the Chinese market
Strengthening the advantage when entering the Chinese market
Deploy PoPs in the Chinese market, increase the website content delivery speed, and greatly enhance competitiveness.
Excellent flexibility of use
Clients can make flexible configuration by themselves, and adjust or optimize it at any time to meet the operational needs of their websites.
Higher performance and greater economic benefits
With strong support ability, website operation is not limited; SSL certificate is provided free of charge; one-stop for purchasing all services.
H7 Connect
Effective Internet solutions
Super performance
High-quality dedicated lines, bandwidth assurance, more than 300 monitoring points, active detection of network quality, and 24/7 uninterrupted stability.
Ultimate security
Active DDoS protection, automated intelligent detection and real-time alerts.
No need for management
Automated management, proactive optimization and adjustment of backbone network performance, so no need for management on the client side.